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Wibilex – the scholarly Bible lexicon in the internet


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WiBiLex” is a German web based encyclopedia of the Old and the New Testament. Its name is an acronym: “Wissenschaftliches Bibellexikon”, i. e. “Scholarly Bible Lexicon”. As an academic encyclopedia, Wibilex is edited by leading Bible scholars, and its articles are written by specialists of the topic, and are thoroughly revised in a peer review process. However, the authors of Wibilex entries use a language which can be understood by non-experts in Bible studies—therefore the entries are suitable for students even in the beginning of their studies.

Editors are Prof. Dr. Michaela Bauks and Prof. Dr. Klaus Koenen (Old Testament) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Alkier (New Testament). An editorial board of some twenty specialists support the work of the editors. (Since 2013, I am member of the New Testament editorial board of Wibilex.)

So have a look on German current research in biblical studies at Wibilex.

This encyclopedia is still developing. Month after month there are new entries in Wibilex. Currently there are 1,200 entries, more than 3,000 articles have been planned.